Haven title card Here’s Episode 15 of The Kingcast, with some feedback from previous episodes and a feature interview with Shawn Piller, executive producer of Haven, the SyFy series based on The Colorado Kid.

Thanks to old friend Patrick Doyle, a cameraman on the show, I was able to have a great 40-minute chat with Piller.

Shawn Piller grew up “in the business,” the son of Michael Piller, a writer and producer best known for his contributions to various Star Trek properties, including The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and the feature film Star Trek: Insurrection.

Shawn went on to work in the business, and is of interest to we Kingophiles for his work on the TV version of “The Dead Zone“, and now Haven.

Here’s the audio:

Audio MP3

Thanks for the feedback, Bryant Burnette, Maureen Blaseckie, and JWB, whose comment I’ll get in the next episode, and to Patrick Doyle for his help.