According to New Movie Buzz, there are no less than 12 King adaptations that are at some stage of development.

Blogger Marc Richards gives this list:

  1. Haven – Based on the novella The Colorado Kid,
  2. Bag of Bones – Mick Garris (The Shining, The Stand, Desperation) said that this mini-series “will hopefully be shooting late-spring, early-summer.” An announcement is expected soon concerning which network will air the mini-series.
  3. Pet Sematary – When a family pet is buried in the local pet cemetery, it comes back to life. But, it comes back a little “different”.
  4. Home Delivery – Aliens infect earthlings with a zombie plague. Residents of a small island off the coast of Maine prepare to defend themselves as dead friends and relatives start to rise.
  5. It – Seven children in a small Maine town are terrorized by a shape-shifter who takes the form of a clown.
  6. Under the Dome – An entire small town in Maine is abruptly trapped under a giant, invisible dome. In November 2009 it was reported that Steven Spielberg will produce the film as a “series event” with a plan to shop it around to the TV networks.
  7. From a Buick 8 – A car stored in a shed at the state police barracks in Statler, Pennsylvania is actually a portal between dimensions. Tobe Hooper signed to direct, but still in financing.
  8. The Talisman – Steven Speilberg was attached for several years to this project and planned to adapt it as a 6 hour mini-series. It is listed on Internet Movie Database as being in “pre-production” with a release date of 2012, but as far as we can tell this one is dead in the water. Again.
  9. The Dark Tower – J.J. Abrams was signed up to direct for a while, but turned the rights back over to King.In April 2010, it was reported that The Dark Tower may be adapted into a trilogy and a television series. Negotiations are ongoing at this point. Akiva Goldsman will write with Ron Howard producing and directing.
  10. Cell -Eli Roth was originally attached to direct the movie, but apparently that plan has been dropped. The new plan is for a four hour mini series to be written by John Harrison (Dune miniseries).

Bonus: We found two more that don’t quite fit on the previous list.

  • Throttle – A Father and son from a biker gang battle a trucker in the desert.A novella written as a collaboration between Stephen King and his son Joe Hill. Producer Nick Wechsler (The Road) optioned the rights in 2008 with a plan to bring it to the big screen.
  • Black House – Sequel to The Talisman featuring a grown up Jack Sawyer.This one is listed as “In Production” on Internet Movie Database, but if The Talisman project doesn’t move forward don’t hold out much hope for it’s sequel.

The blog post also lists another number of releases based on King stuff:

  • Cain Rose Up (2010)
  • Here There Be Tigers (2010)
  • Grey Matter (2010)
  • Flowers for Norma (2010) (short story “The Man Who Loved Flowers”)
  • Everything’s Eventual (2009)
  • Children of the Corn (2009) (TV)
  • Dolan’s Cadillac (2009)

I’ve only seen Dolan’s Cadillac of this list (see episode 1). Looks like I have to hope for some bad weather this summer to spend more time indoors and catch up on DVDs. Reviews welcome in the comments.