June 4 is the launch date for King’s second Hard Case Crime novel, Joyland. His first was The Colorado Kid, inspiration for the SyFy show Haven, which has been covered previously here.

There’s an interesting debate about King and Hard Case’s decision to publish in paperback only (with a hardcover collector’s edition later, but no ebook plans), so far with contributions from UK literary agent Jonny Geller in The Guardian and from Hard Case Crime publisher Charles Ardai in Boing Boing.

If you want more on Joyland as we await its release, there’s an excerpt in The Huffington Post, and a NPR interview with Terry Gross that includes a reading from the book.

I go over the debate, then throw my own two cents in, in 20:30 of audio goodness. Hope you like the episode, and I really want to know what YOU think of the decision. Tell me!

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