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Episode 2.9 of The Kingcast takes a look at two things that people comment on frequently when it comes to Stephen King’s fiction: errors or anachronisms that pop up, and the fact that he frequently writes about characters in circumstances quite similar to his own.

From his early short stories to his most recent novel, Stephen King has always taken the circumstances of his own life and thrown them into the mixing bowl. But perhaps a more useful question to ask is what lessons can King’s writing teach us from the elements of his life and what he observes of life? 

When it comes to errors, I have two simple pieces of advice:

  1. Don’t pop up in an online community out of nowhere and announce triumphantly that on page 455 of “The Drawing of the Three” King says Susannah is STANDING BEHIND ROLAND HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD CAN PEOPLE BE SO STUPID. It’s the equivalent of walking into a dinner party and letting out a loud and odoriferous fart.
  2. If the error derails your enjoyment, there’s definitely blame to be laid on the author / editor / publisher. But not every error should destroy the spell a book can cast over a reader, wouldn’t you agree?
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