Kingcast 2.5 — movie news, crowdfunding, and a little more Finders Keepers

Episode 2.5 of the Kingcast has news about the new production of IT, filming on 11/22/63, some mail from Denmark, and the second part of my capsule review of Finders Keepers.

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Jackie Lawrence of Kitchener, ON sent me some pictures from the set of 11/22/63, currently filming in Southern Ontario. Where is that, you ask?

Right here:


And here are Jackie’s photos from the set. Looking pretty good!





Show notes:

2:00 — feedback from Mikkel Birkegaard in Denmark

6:00 — talk of adaptations of It and 11/22/63, one production troubled and one production underway.

18:00 — don’t forget about the Patreon campaign! A dollar or two from you and there’s nothing we can’t do!

20:00 — Part two analyzing Finders Keepers.

Websites mentioned:

Jackie Lawrence on Twitter

We got it covered on It

11/22/63 news from Deadline Hollywood (after recording, I see that character actor Nick Searcy — most recently in Justified — has been cast as Deke Simmons. GOOD CHOICE.)

Patreon crowdfunding campaign for The Kingcast!




Patreon campaign update! Somebody hates me!

Don’t tell anyone, but I think I might have a secret admirer. Glen, you call me anytime, sugar.


Episode 2.4 – Well, now I’ve gone and done it.

A very brief episode today with some news about the podcast.

I’ve decided that it’s time to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the podcast, and I’m hoping you’ll help.

You can learn more by listening to the podcast, or by visiting the campaign page.

What can you do?

  • You can contribute. A small amount per month is all it takes to make a big difference in the podcast. You can learn more about what the money can do, and patrons will be able to see exactly where their money is going.
  • You can spread the word. If you’re on Twitter, Facebook, etc., and you like this idea, please pass it on. The more people who hear about it the better.


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Who’d you like to hear on The Kingcast?

As happy as I am to talk in front of a microphone, I think the best type of audio is when two or more people have intelligent discussion and debate about a topic they love. That’s why I love doing interviews for the Kingcast. I’ve done a bunch of interviews that were wonderful experiences for me: Marsha DeFilippo, SK’s assistant has to be at the top of that list; “Trash Can Man” Matt Frewer; Bev Vincent; Mick Garris;  author Matthew Kirschenbaum; Annabeth Gish (Desperation); Shawn Piller (executive producer of “Haven”)…

I’ve already got a couple in the hopper for upcoming episodes, and a bunch of other requests out. But I’d like to know who you would like to hear on the podcast. If you have a moment, check out this survey and give me some feedback! I’ll do my best to get your suggestions into the Kingcast ASAP.

Kingcast 2.3: Finders Keepers first impressions

Episode 2.3 of the Kingcast is live, with a fairly short essay about the just-released second novel in the Mr. Mercedes trilogy, Finders Keepers.

Bill Hodges, Holly Gibney, and Jerome Robinson are back, as is villain Brady Hartsfield, but there’s a lot more going on, centering on a reclusive writer, his lost notebooks, and the obsessive love that someone can develop for words on a page.

Take a listen, then tell me what YOU think of the latest, here in the comments or in an email to

Episodes coming up include an interview with writer David Obuchoski on his essay about the Bachman novel Roadwork and with academic Chris Lewis on the political and social turmoil of the 1970s, how it may have affected King’s writing then — and still may today!

And very soon, there will be some exciting news about this podcast — at least for me, and hopefully for you too.



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Show notes:

Kingcast 2.3 is 18 minutes of audio goodness.

Kingcast #2.2: King and Lovecraft

With the 2015 publication of Revival, Stephen King released perhaps the most explicitly Lovecraftian work since the short story “Crouch End” in 2000.

Portrait of H.P. Lovecraft

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Stephen King

But what does “Lovecraftian” mean, anyway? Well, H.P. Lovecraft (yes, that was his real name) may have died 10 years before King was even born, but his writing casts a long, dark shadow over everyone who’s come after as a horror writer.

In episode 2.2 of The Kingcast, we take a look at some of the characteristics that  have made Lovecraft so influential, and go through some of King’s bibliography to see where his Lovecraftian side pops up.

What do you think? Did I miss an intersection between Lovecraft and King? Do you think I’m wrong about something? Or do you have another idea you’d like me to tackle on the podcast?

Leave us a comment here, or get in touch by email or on Twitter.

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Show notes:

  • 0:00-23:00: an introduction to Lovecraft
  • 23:00: Revival
  • 30:30: “Crouch End”
  • 32:30: “N”
  • 34:30: “Jerusalem’s Lot”
  • 40:00: The Dark Tower
  • 42:00: It and The Tommyknockers
  • 44:00: Black House
  • 46:00: Other works

I’m back! The Kingcast returns

A still from  "The Road Virus Heads North

A still from “The Road Virus Heads North”, an episode of Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Tom Berenger plays an ill-fated Richard Kinnell, who may not know much about art, but knows what will kill him. (Image:


Wow, almost a year-and-a-half has past, and much has changed in my life, but … I’m comin’ back. The Kingcast has been asleep, not dead.

And here’s the first episode of its new life, an examination of visual art and visual artists in the King Canon. Thoughts?


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Works discussed in-depth in this episode

  • Cell
  • Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three
  • Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower
  • Duma Key
  • The Regulators
  • Rose Madder
Shorter works:
  • “The Mist”
  • “The Library Policeman”
  • “The Road Virus Heads North”
  • “Stationary Bike”
  • “N.”
  • “The Sun Dog”
Other links:

You can always find more information on these works at the Stephen King website, and jump into more discussions on their message board.

Episode 34: Happy Hallowe’en – spooky poem edition

Effigy of John Donne in his burial shroud, St. Paul's Cathedral

Effigy of John Donne in his burial shroud, St. Paul’s Cathedral

I love digging up a spooky poem to read every Hallowe’en. This year, a short poem by metaphysical poet John Donne, published in the posthumous collection Songs and Sonnets in 1633.

Hope you enjoy “The Apparition”. Happy Hallowe’en to all Stephen King and horror fans everywhere.


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Image from the “A clerk of Oxford” blog

Episode 33: Dr. Sleep, film/tv and romans a clef

Episode 33 is LIVE. Next week, Episode 34 will be my annual creepy poetry episode. Any requests are welcome.

This time, I talk about the overview of King-related film projects from Studio System News, and the interview Stephen and Owen King did with Jian Ghomeshi of CBC Radio’s “Q” this week.

I wrote an op-ed piece for the Ottawa Citizen about the “CURSE OF THE ADAPTATION.”

I also talk a little bit about Dr. Sleep and the difference between a work of fiction and a roman a clef. 



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Episode #32: Joyland and Under the Dome

This time around, a review of Joyland, the new Hard Case Crime paperback I previewed last episode, and also review the first two episodes of the CBS television production of Under the Dome.

Would love to know your thoughts on either or both of these new King releases. Tell me, either in a comment here or by email:



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