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Kingcast 2.11: Reelin’ in the Years — King chronologically part 1.

Listener and commenter Tom Leroux was kind enough to put an idea in my head. Why not go through the King bibliography chronologically. So here we go. This is not the first time someone has done this: the folks at Cemetery Dance have been carrying on with Stephen King Revisited for almost a year now, led by Richard Chizmar.

In any case, here’s my first cut at the chronology: my take on Carrie, the first novel King published. Hope you enjoy.

There won’t be a fresh Kingcast next week — I’m taking a little time off. But I’ll upload something from the archives and be back with 2.12 in two weeks.

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Episode 22: A horrorday gift guide for Kinglovers

Here’s episode 22, with a bunch of last-minute gift ideas for the King fan, and special appearances by Marsha DeFilippo, David Squyres of the Talk Stephen King blog, and Matt Jacobs and Luanne Johnson of the SK Fancast.

Here are links to all the items we mentioned:

Glenn Chadbourne's Scary Christmas cards!

Glenn Chadbourne's Scary Christmas cards, which benefit the Haven Foundation

Marsha DeFilippo (Ms. Mod): 
David Squyres (Talk Stephen King)
Matt Jacobs and Luanne Johnson (SK Fancast):
A Merry Christmas to all!
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Stephen King News Roundup: September 23


The new Kingcast news roundup anchor, Pennywise. He floats... down there...

Lots of news this week, so let’s get right to it!

First off, the Stephen King site provided more details this week on the book tour for the new 11/22/63. So far, the announced events include Octavia Books in New Orleans on November 12 and November 14 at Barnes & Noble in Sarasota, FL.

The Savannah Book Festival also announced an appearance by King in February 2012.

And, of course, Stephen King speaks tonight as the headline attraction at the Fall for the Book festival in the Washington DC area. The Kingcast has a correspondent in the audience, so there may be a report from the event coming up…

In honour of Pennywise being our new roundup anchor, I should cover this interview. A new blog to me named October Country (love that name!) interviews Brian Freeman of Cemetery Dance Publications about their upcoming 25th anniversary edition of “It.” Great interview. I’m looking forward to becoming better acquainted with October Country.

King’s birthday this week occasioned a number of pieces. The “Screen Junkies” site posted a capsule bio this week; nothing new, but nothing outrageously wrong, either. Writer Kathy Ceceri posted her essay “Happy Birthday Stephen King, writing instructor extraordinaire” on Number One Fans may take issue with some of her points, but can wholeheartedly support her conclusion:

“The work of Stephen King isn’t just a terrific way to pass the time; they’re great lessons in how to write fiction. So Happy Birthday, Stephen King! Your fans, unwitting or not, salute you.”

A t-shirt site posted a funny mashup of Ronald McDonald and Pennywise for a limited-time sale. I’ve got my order in:

I'm lovin' "It"

Speaking of images, Boing Boing writer Mark Frauenfelder posted a series of his favorite images from the “Monster Brains” site, profiling some great monster and science fiction comic books.

NPR published a list of listeners’ 100 top science-fiction / fantasy books. While King fanatics might be offended by the list not being composed ENTIRELY of his works, two did make the list: The Dark Tower at #23 and The Stand at #25. My guess? Too many contenders  diluting the voting pool.

Movies and TV were also under scrutiny this week. Oh No They Didn’t (Livejournal shoutout!) profiled 13 upcoming King movie projects, while Digital Spy posted an interview with Melissa George, who is currently playing Mattie Devore in the Bag of Bones miniseries. And the ever-useful Talk Stephen King blog posted a summary of upcoming projects.

You may remember a Kingcast interview with Nicole Christian, who wrote her own version of “Barn Dance” from Bag of Bones. Well, indie record label Alonetone has  just published a whole album inspired by The Talisman. “Sunny, sorta…” is a collection of 12 songs by artists on the label. It fits the mood of the book pretty well, I think. The songs are free for streaming or download. I’m sure the performers would appreciate your support. Here’s one of my favorites from the collection, Queen of the World:

Audio MP3

And finally, the New York City site of Examiner profiled a new collection of fashion inspired by the Dark Tower series. The Luminaa collection, from Texas designer Dorothy Williams, has the theme “Live in a world of cowboys and robots.” Pretty nice looking clothes, if you ask me. But what do I know? Judge for yourself if this is something Susan Delgado would wear to a dance in Barony House, or Susannah Dean to dinner with the old folks in Lud :





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