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Kingcast 2.13: Confinement and isolation part 2

3581398184_ea3fc1f51b_zIn Part 2 of my thoughts about the role of isolation and confinement, I take a slightly deeper dive into a few of King’s works that center on isolation and confinement: Gerald’s Game, Misery, and The Long Walk.

These three works, perhaps more than anything else in the King canon, use isolation — mostly physical, but really psychological and spiritual — as the mechanism of character development and to drive the action.


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Works that I mentioned or at least thought about in the two parts of this series:
Gerald’s Game 
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon 
Long Walk 
Eyes of the Dragon 
Dolores Claiborne
Dark Tower
Green Mile 
Under the Dome
The Shining
Short fiction: 
Different Seasons: 
Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption
Everything’s Eventual: 
Autopsy Room Four
In the Deathroom
Lunch at the Gotham Café
That feeling, you can only say what it is in French
Night Shift: 
The Ledge
Children of the Corn
The Woman in the Room
Jerusalem’s Lot
Skeleton Crew: 
The Mist
The Raft
Survivor Type
Just After Sunset: 
Rest Stop
Stationary Bike
A Very Tight Place
Nighmares & Dreamscapes: 
Dolan’s Cadillac
You know they got a hell of a band
Rainy Sesason
Sorry Right Number
Crouch End
The House on Maple Street
Home Delivery
(Image: “The Long Walk”, CC-licenced by Flickr user Stuart Pilbrow)

QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Stephen King misconceptions!

ANOTHER NEW FEATURE! The question of the month!

This feature was prompted by a truly moronic web list: “9 Geniuses That Success Can Come Over Night.” One of the geniuses is Stephen King, because he supposedly wrote “The Running Man” in three days.

I plan on addressing that in a July episode, but it got me thinking — what do you think are the biggest misunderstandings or misconceptions or myths about King? Tell me, and I’ll use your comments in an upcoming episode.

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In the meantime, enjoy some music. Here’s Genesis with… misunderstanding.

Kingcast 24: Matthew Kirschenbaum on “Stephen King’s Wang”

Matthew Kirschenbaum

Matthew Kirschenbaum

Episode 24 of the Kingcast features some news from Kingland, a mention of Matt Jacob and my discussion of “The Dark Tower 7: The Dark Tower” on his SK Fancast, a mini-review of David Cronenberg’s 1983 film The Dead Zone (a film cast by episode 23 guest Jane Jenkins) and of course, a feature interview with Matthew Kirschenbaum.

Matthew Kirschenbaum is an associate professor of English at the University of Maryland. He’s currently working on a history of word processing for Harvard University Press called Track Changes (due out next year), and recently gave a talk at the New York Public Library with the irresistible title of “Stephen King’s Wang.”

You can find out just where that title comes from, and a lot more, in our conversation.

For Toronto listeners, Matthew is speaking at the University of Toronto on March 1.

Enjoy the podcast, and always feel free to give me your feedback at

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Kingcast episode 19: “11/22/63” quick review

11/22/63 Cover I hadn’t planned on this, but thanks to Scribner getting me a review copy of 11/22/63 and a loooong travel day, I was able to read the new novel last weekend, and I wanted to quickly record my audio review of it.

In short: it’s great work by King. Possibly Bag of Bones good, and for me that’s high praise.

Take a listen, and then I’ll get back to “The Stand” next episode.

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