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Episode 31: Ode (?) to Joyland?

June 4 is the launch date for King’s second Hard Case Crime novel, Joyland. His first was The Colorado Kid, inspiration for the SyFy show Haven, which has been covered previously here.

There’s an interesting debate about King and Hard Case’s decision to publish in paperback only (with a hardcover collector’s edition later, but no ebook plans), so far with contributions from UK literary agent Jonny Geller in The Guardian and from Hard Case Crime publisher Charles Ardai in Boing Boing.

If you want more on Joyland as we await its release, there’s an excerpt in The Huffington Post, and a NPR interview with Terry Gross that includes a reading from the book.

I go over the debate, then throw my own two cents in, in 20:30 of audio goodness. Hope you like the episode, and I really want to know what YOU think of the decision. Tell me!



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Episode 17: Lucas Bryant of “Haven”

Lucas Bryant of "Haven" Here’s episode 17 of the ‘cast, featuring an interview with Lucas Bryant, who plays Sheriff Nathan Wuornos on the Showcase / Syfy show Haven.

We held onto this episode for a little while, because there was some question about support for a third season of Haven on the Canadian Showcase network. Once they announced the third season, it was time to get the interview up.

Lucas is a native of Elmira, Ontario, and studied theatre at Sheridan College in Toronto.

Enjoy the episode. And if you do, then check out Episode 15’s interview with Shawn Piller.

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SK News roundup for September 16

The week in King-related news continues to focus on three main areas: 11/22/63, Mile 81, and TV productions.


  • Simon & Schuster whetted the appetite of many with an excerpt from 11/22/63 released on their site. The excerpt contains the line “I came awake with a jerk”, which always creates a vivid — and likely unintended — image in my mind. A browse through Amazon also shows a “special signed edition” (no price), an audio version read by Craig Wasson (who you may remember as Don Wanderley in Ghost Story), and I read at “The Noob News” that an e-book version will include a special short film written and directed by King.
  • Both the US and UK covers have been released now. Which do you prefer?

    US cover

    US Cover

UK cover for 11/22/63

UK cover for 11/22/63

  • The official “book trailer” for 11/22/63 was released last Saturday. Take a look:

Stephen King 11.22.63 – Book Trailer from Jamie Childs on Vimeo.

  • As time ticks down to the November 8 release of 11/22/63, it now appears that a production deal for a movie version has already been signed, with Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs) as director.

Mile 81

  • The release of Mile 81 wasn’t the only thing new about the King bibliography. The e-book was also pitched as a “Klout perk.” Klout is a tool that attempts to measure someone’s influence in social networks like Twitter or Facebook, and companies are more frequently providing “perks” to those with big enough Klout numbers. This was the first e-book perk to my knowledge. The “Ology” website reviewed the Mile 81 release with particular attention to the 11/22/63 preview.
TV, etc. 
  • According to the Hollywood Reporter, the SyFy / Showcase / Global TV show Haven is in some trouble after Showcase put it in danger of cancellation on that channel. The Kingcast will be speaking to actor Lucas Bryant, who plays Nathan Wuornos, soon. Hopefully, there won’t be bad news to share.
  • You may be thinking that Atlanta next spring is the only place to enjoy some Stephen King-related theatre. But I say NO! The Bournemouth International Centre in the United Kingdom has a production of Misery opening October 5. The play was scripted by Emmy-winning writer Simon Moore and toured the UK in its initial production in 2002.
  • The pilot episode of “Locke & Key”, based on the book by Joe Hill, is making the rounds in Hollywood, and Huffington Post entertainment blogger Kris LoPresto wants to start a movement to get it a network placement. By all accounts, a screening at ComicCon got a great response.
  • Ron Howard has apparently signed to direct a movie version of Davis Guggenheim‘s comic book 364, about a man with superpowers one day of each year. No news on a Dark Tower resurrection.

Episode 15: Shawn Piller takes “safe Haven”

Haven title card Here’s Episode 15 of The Kingcast, with some feedback from previous episodes and a feature interview with Shawn Piller, executive producer of Haven, the SyFy series based on The Colorado Kid.

Thanks to old friend Patrick Doyle, a cameraman on the show, I was able to have a great 40-minute chat with Piller.

Shawn Piller grew up “in the business,” the son of Michael Piller, a writer and producer best known for his contributions to various Star Trek properties, including The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and the feature film Star Trek: Insurrection.

Shawn went on to work in the business, and is of interest to we Kingophiles for his work on the TV version of “The Dead Zone“, and now Haven.

Here’s the audio:

Audio MP3

Thanks for the feedback, Bryant Burnette, Maureen Blaseckie, and JWB, whose comment I’ll get in the next episode, and to Patrick Doyle for his help.

Kingcast episode 14: Rage

Rage is one of Stephen King’s most mysterious books. Written the summer after he graduated from high school, it was published 11 years later as a book under the pseudonym Richard Bachman, and removed from publication two decades later by the author himself.

He spoke to a library conference about that in 1999:

I can’t say for sure that Michael Carneal, the boy from Kentucky who shot three of his classmates dead as they prayed before school, had read my novel, Rage, but news stories following the incident reported that a copy of it had been found in his locker. It seems likely to me that he did. Rage had been mentioned in at least one other school shooting, and in the wake of that one an FBI agent asked if he could interview me on the subject, with an eye to setting up a computer profile that would help identify potentially dangerous adolescents. The Carneal incident was enough for me. I asked my publisher to take the damned thing out of print. They concurred. Are there still copies of Rage available? Yes, of course, some in libraries where you ladies and gentlemen ply your trade. Because, like the guns and the explosives and the Ninja throwing-stars you can buy over the Internet, all that stuff is just lying around and waiting for someone to pick it up. 

This book of adolescence — in terms of the author and the protagonist, took on a mystique for me, and when I finally had the chance to get a copy, thanks to a trivia contest on the Stephen King Message Board, I leapt at the chance to read it.

Episode 14 of the Kingcast is 20 minutes of my thoughts on reading Rage, as well as some teasers about upcoming episodes. Enjoy.

Audio MP3

As always, your comments are welcome. If you send me a comment at, I’d love to include it in a future episode.

News: Bag of Bones second SK project being shot this summer

Nova Scotia is becoming a hotbed of Stephen King-related production, with two projects underway this summer in “Canada’s Ocean Playground.”

Season 2 of the SyFy series “Haven” is being shot in Lunenburg and Mahone Bay. The series, loosely based on “Bag of Bones: 10th Anniversary Edition""Stephen King Mystery & Thrillers Books)"" “>Bag of Bones” (affiliate link) will shoot somewhere in the province (I’m working on finding out where!), and has made some impressive announcements so far, with the cast including Pierce Brosnan, Annabeth Gish (who previously worked on the TV treatment of Kelly Rowland, and most recently Melissa George.

Hoping that I’ll have some more content to share about both these productions in the next few weeks.

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