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Kingcast 2.12 — Confinement and isolation, part 1.

Photo CC-licenced by, the podcast is late. Would you believe… I was locked in a portapotty? Handcuffed to a bed? Trapped in a house with a psychotic nurse?

This episode is about confinement and isolation. From Carrie White’s closet to Under the Dome, there’s a LOOONG list of works that use the concept of physical, geographical, or psychological isolation as a fundamental factor in the characters and action of King’s fiction.  Enjoy! There will be more next week.

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Show notes:

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Works mentioned:

  • Dolores Claiborne
  • Desperation
  • Gerald’s Game 
  • “Home Delivery” (Nightmares and Dreamscapes)
  • “Jerusalem’s Lot” (Night Shift)
  • The Long Walk
  • Misery  
  • “The Mist” (Skeleton Crew)
  • Rage
  • “Rainy Season”  (Nightmares and Dreamscapes)
  • The Regulators  
  • Roadwork
  • Salem’s Lot 
  • The Tommyknockers 
  • Under the Dome
  • “You know they got a hell of a band”  (Nightmares and Dreamscapes)


Kingcast 2.8: Stephen King’s 1970s and the “real” 1970s

This time on the Kingcast, we delve into the political history of the decade that forged Stephen King’s career as a writer: the 1970s.

From Three Mile Island to The Stand to Watergate to  Firestarter to George Wallace to The Dead Zone, there’s a rich thread of political and cultural subtexts in King’s 1970s writing. Professor of American Studies Chris Lewis of Colorado University joined me for a discussion of everything from biological weapons to Richard Nixon to survival and morality after an apocalypse.

You can listen to episode 2.8, which runs around 36 minutes with housekeeping and an edited interview:


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Or you can listen to the whole interview, which will take about an hour.

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Notes and links from the episode:

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